Your DRIE-SWO chapter hosts different kinds of events for the benefit of our membership.

Our main events are two annual symposia that are held in the spring and fall, one-day conferences with contemporary presentations, workshops etc. on preparedness topics of interest to our membership. A symposium is a great interpersonal networking opportunity for talking to your peers about current issues and problems you are facing in your role. Complimentary morning refreshments on arrival, morning and afternoon breaks with refreshments and a lunch are provided, at no additional expense to members. We also hold webinars online that address current topics of interest to our members and guests.

When registration for an upcoming event has been "opened", you can register online by clicking here -->

The Value Proposition of Symposia
We think the return you get from attending our symposia, both in time and in membership dollars invested, is an excellent one.  Consider the following:

1) Education
You receive a full day of educational opportunities for learning, along with a certificate for 7 Continuing Education Units (CEU) / Continuing Professional Development (CPD) / Professional Development Units (PDU).  DRI Canada members can get a total of 19 CEU’s for only $100, as shown below:
  •  Up to 8 CEU’s for attending this session (since the duration averages 7 hours)
  •  3 CEU's for the one-year membership in DRIE-SWO which is included in the registration fee
  •  Up to 8 CEU’s if you also attend the next Symposium (this is also included in the registration fee)

2) Reputation
We pride ourselves in bringing in only tried-and-true speakers and presentations at our Symposia. Our attendees tell us they continue to return each year because of the stellar quality and reputation of these sessions. Sales pitches or biased opinions have been virtually eliminated from presentation content.

Having said that. presenters may offer personal opinions during their presentations that do not appear in the slides. These individual presenter opinions do not necessarily represent the views or values of the DRIE-SWO executive or organization.

3) Money-Saving Features
Attendees receive complete conference materials for all sessions and vendors often bring ‘swag’ (gifts). In addition, you get lunch, snacks and drinks throughout the conference at no additional charge. 

4) Valuable Contacts
Networking opportunities abound before, during and after each symposium.  Make connections you will rely on again and again as you steer your organization toward effective protection of your critical business functions. Also, you can ‘rub elbows’ with the speakers during our roundtable lunch.
5) Cost
Finally, Symposia are free for all DRIE members (DRIE SWO and other DRIE chapter members), DRIE-SWO Sponsors, symposium speakers and invited guests. For all others, the fee is only $100.00 which includes a one year DRIE-SWO membership, free admission to our next BCM symposium and access to many other DRIE chapter events across Canada.

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